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Sinoware Technology (Metering) Co., Ltd, a high-tech company, has been specializing in R&D, manufacture and marketing of smart energy-measuring meters as well as a provider of solution to power system’s data-collection and monitoring control since 1998. Our company is located in Hi-tech Park, Shenzhen. Our office room is above 1200 m² and the factory is with square up to 15,000 m². 
Our registered capital is 10 million. We have good innovative R&D ability as well as developing, manufacturing and marketing, until now which is with 30 R&D engineers, a management team of 40, a marketing team of 20 and other 300 employees.
Our company completely implements QMS as per ISO9001. From raw material’s procurement to acceptance, PCB’s soldering and debugging, the whole machine’s assembling, ageing, calibration, and so on, each procedure follows strictly technical process. Currently, our annual production capability can be up to 4 million various standard meters.


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